Establishment Key to Spring Crop Success in 2024

November 10th 2023

Autumn 2023 has seen extremely challenging conditions, with this October being the 5th wettest in the UK since records started in 1862. Due to these poor conditions it is very likely the spring acreage will be up in 2024. It is therefore essential that your spring crops establish well for the best possible chance for success come harvest. That is why we would advise the use of a nutrient seed treatment, to elevate your yields and enhance establishment, in spite of the many likely stresses the crop will be facing. Read more below about the benefits a seed treatment offers your spring crop.

Field trials of our Fielder manganese seed treatments

Nutrient seed treatments for spring crops can be beneficial for several reasons, addressing specific needs and challenges associated with the early stages of plant growth during the spring season:

  1. Early Nutrient Supply: Spring crops often face cooler soil temperatures and slower nutrient mineralisation rates. Nutrient seed treatments provide a direct supply of essential nutrients to the germinating seed and emerging seedling, ensuring that the plant has access to the nutrients it needs for early growth before the soil becomes warmer and more conducive to nutrient availability.
  2. Improved Germination and Seedling Establishment: Nutrient seed treatments contribute to better germination rates and enhanced seedling establishment. The availability of essential nutrients at the early stages of growth supports the development of a strong and healthy root system, allowing the plant to efficiently absorb water and nutrients from the soil.
  3. Mitigation of Soil Nutrient Imbalances: Spring soils may exhibit nutrient imbalances due to factors such as leaching during winter, nutrient immobilisation, or uneven distribution. Seed treatments help mitigate these imbalances by providing a localised nutrient supply directly to the seed and seedling, ensuring that the developing plant has access to the necessary nutrients, even in nutrient-deficient areas of the soil.
  4. Enhanced Stress Tolerance: Nutrient seed treatments can contribute to increased stress tolerance in spring crops. Young plants are often more vulnerable to environmental stressors such as cold temperatures and nutrient deficiencies during the early stages of growth. Adequate nutrient supply from seed treatments helps the plant cope with these stressors and promotes overall resilience.
  5. Optimised Crop Development: Seed treatments contribute to the formation of healthy plants, potentially leading to improved crop yields.
  6. Efficient Use of Resources: Nutrient seed treatments offer a targeted and efficient way to deliver nutrients to the developing plant. This can be particularly important in situations where soil conditions or environmental factors limit the availability of nutrients to the crop.
  7. Compatibility with Precision Agriculture: Nutrient seed treatments align with precision agriculture practices, allowing for targeted application of nutrients where they are needed most.

If you would like to learn more about how Fielder can help you with your spring crop establishment please get in touch directly with us, or speak to your local seed rep about their Fielder range of seed treatments.