Mn350 – The simple solution to manganese deficiency

February 6th 2024

Manganese deficiency affects most UK arable farmers

Manganese deficiency is the most widespread issue in UK arable soils. It is estimated that 60-70% of all arable fields suffer from manganese deficiency, meaning the chances are at least one of your fields is impacted and suffering loss of yield potential. The worst situations for manganese deficiency are on lighter soils, one with high pH and high organic matter. Also, following a very wet autumn and winter, soils this spring 2024 will be wet and cold, further exacerbating manganese deficiency.

Manganese Symptoms

Manganese shows itself in cereals with interveinal browning of the older leaves. In the most severe conditions, the plant will completely die. But even in the more common less severe situations, you will have an unhealthy plant, with stunted growth and fewer tillers. Unless it is treated, the plant will never fully recover, and you will face a reduced final yield.

If you have known fields or areas on your farm with manganese deficiencies, these are very likely to repeat themselves year after year. So don’t wait until it is too late, get on top of your manganese shortages through proactive and preventative use of Mn350, rather than waiting until the issue has taken effect on the crop.

Mn350 – a simpler solution

Mn350 is a simpler solution from Fielder, with 2 ½ times the strength of the bog standard 15% manganese sulphate. Sold in 5L cans, there is significantly less packaging and clutter left in your store rooms, as IBC’s can be hard to recycle or return. Often with IBC of manganese 15% you are left with unused product, but with the Mn350 5L cans you can buy what you need, meaning there is no waste. With an application rate of 0.5 – 1.5 L/ha, our Mn350 concentrated manganese is efficient and there is little packaging to dispose of.

Mn350 – more available and a superior tank mixer

The manganese in Fielder’s Mn350 is much more available to the plant, due to the dual nitrate-sulphate formulation. This provides a long-lasting feeding effect on the crop, especially when compared to manganese sulphate 15%. As well as being efficient, Mn350 has been formulated as an excellent tank mixer, able to mix with all PPP and other nutrient products. Manganese 15% sulphate sometimes struggles when mixed with mecoprop or hormones, whereas our Mn350 is totally compatible, making it a very flexible product.

Mn350 – what our customers say

Calum Cargill, agronomist at Crop Services, based out of Fife, is a big advocate of the product. He sees the “very visual greening-up” benefits Mn350 brings to winter and spring crops and believes it “provides bang-for-your-buck” with the large dose of manganese included. Being based in Fife, Calum works with a lot of barley, which is greatly impacted by manganese deficiencies, so Mn350 is his product of choice to maintain his client’s yields.

Grower Ray Mantle who farms out of Herefordshire has been using “Fielder manganese 350 for five years with very good results.” Ray will typically grow winter and spring cereals within the rotation is impressed with how effective Mn350 gets to work: “We have succeeded in preventing any manganese deficiency showing in our winter cereals”, whilst its ease of use and “the low application rate and compatibility is very welcome for our sprayer operator”.

As well as being a more efficient product for your crop as well as your store room, Mn350 is boosted with additional potassium, nitrogen and sulphur – all of which aid healthy crop development.

Please get in touch with us directly at Fielder, or speak to your local merchant about purchasing Mn350 this spring.