About Fielder

Fielder is a proudly independent, innovative plant nutrition specialist. We see our role as a trusted guide to what is a complex and ever-changing landscape, particularly in agriculture and farming. We help to drive innovation and take a leading role in changing the way science enhances agriculture and farming. We aim to develop products and techniques that make a tangible difference to our customers.
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We have over 40 years’ experience, with a range of products that have been proven to significantly enhance crop health, whilst improving your profitability.
Our products have sustainability at their heart, focussing on reducing input use by promoting healthier plants. A stronger plant will be better able to withstand disease pressures and so rely less on other chemical inputs. We are investing behind products that improve nutrient utilisation, as well as beneficial microbes.
Our extensive portfolio of products has been developed in line with the latest scientific advances in agriculture and other areas. We apply the findings from years of research and trials data, alongside our own insights and understanding of the opportunities behind them.
Our Fielder range is manufactured to the highest specification, all inputs are REACH certified and we can customise to meet your specific requirements, no matter how big or small your request.
We work with a select group of distributors who provide a nationwide and international network for our range of high-quality products.

Barrie Hawkin

Barrie discovered his passion for agriculture as a young boy on his local farm in North Yorkshire. This inspired him to pursue a full-time career in the industry, undertaking an agronomy degree at Leeds University. Barrie built up his knowledge over 20 years in the agrochemical and liquid fertiliser arena, including being one of the youngest Sales Director in the industry, before setting up Fielder in 1995. Since then Fielder has gone from strength to strength, growing our client base and expanding into new territories under Barrie’s unrivalled knowledge and expertise in plant nutrition. Barrie is BASIS and FACTS qualified.


Robert Hawkin

Robert Hawkin joined Fielder with his Dad in February 2021. Before this, he spent over 10 years working in different high-profile sales and marketing roles at blue-chip organisations in London. Robert brings a passion for the customer experience and is excited by the challenge of adapting the company to the changes that the agriculture industry faces. Robert was awarded his BASIS certificate in Crop Protection in September 2022.